Governing council

Governing Council

Welcome to the Fraser Park Governing Council

Fraser Park’s Governing Council helps set out and monitor the school visions and direction along with the Principal.

The Governing Council meets every Tuesday in weeks 3 and 8 of every term with the AGM being held at the beginning of every year.

The Governing Council is responsible for:

  • developing and approving school policies
  • reviewing and approving school budgets
  • monitoring and reviewing the school improvement plan and Preschool Quality Improvement Plan
  • reviewing employment contracts
  • consulting with the wider school community to ensure that the wider community views are represented
  • fundraising projects to help support school events such as camps, excursions and other school related activities

Join our Governing Council

Parents, community members and staff can be part of our governing council.   

Council elections are held in February each year at the Annual General Meeting, held on Tuesday week 3. You can make nominations at our Annual General Meeting or pick up a nomination form from our front office.



Get in touch with our governing council

To find out more, ask about joining Governing Council or providing feedback, please visit the front office for more information.


Visit the governing councils section on the department’s website for more information.