About our school

We welcome you and your family to Fraser Park Primary School.

We aim for all of our students to be successful happy learners.

During a child’s life, home and school occupy the greatest part of their time and carry the greatest influence on their pathway into adulthood.

The stronger the link between home and school, the greater the chances of your child achieving success.

Our motto at Fraser Park is “Learning for the Future” and that is what we wish for our students to achieve, to be able to learn for the future.

Our Vision

At Fraser Park, we are committed to providing quality teaching and learning for our school community.  There is a whole school focus on Personalised Learning and meeting the needs of all students.

There are a wide range of facilities including modern student devices with Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom, a large gym and refurbished classrooms.

The Preschool is set in beautiful grounds and provides a safe secure place for children and families. There is a Learning Together program located onsite which meets the needs of families and children aged birth to 3 years old.

The Fraser Park School community prides themselves on having a strong working partnership with families and the wider community to support increased learning outcomes for all students. We have an established Family Centre to support families participation at school.

Our School Motto: “Learning For The Future” is supported by our whole school programs; Literacy Programs, Program Achieve and Restorative Justice from Preschool to 6.

Our Values

  • Care – It is an essential value that is instilled in our students. We encourage our students to show kindness, empathy, and consideration for others, both in and out of the classroom. We aim to create a caring and inclusive environment where students feel safe, supported, and valued.
  • Respect – We teach our students to treat everyone with respect, regardless of their background, culture, or beliefs. We promote respectful communication, behavior, and attitudes to create a positive and harmonious learning environment.
  • Enthusiasm – We encourage our students to be passionate and enthusiastic about their learning and to approach challenges with a positive attitude. We believe that when students are enthusiastic about their learning, they are more engaged and motivated to succeed.
  • Fun – We strive to create a fun and engaging learning environment, where students feel excited to learn and explore. We encourage creativity, playfulness, and a sense of adventure to make learning a rewarding experience for our students.